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20 Ways to FAIL in a Tough Market

19 Nov

20 Ways to FAIL in a Tough Market

  1. Associate with negative people, participate in doom & gloom conversations
  2. Stop cold calling, think of it as a rookie thing
  3. Believe that the answer is to change jobs
  4. Justify that the economy is the real problem
  5. Relax your work ethic
  6. Blame someone – the company, the economy, your direct report, your history
  7. Think about how it was in the good old days
  8. Read the negative economic news – then believe that it’s true
  9. Buy into your own negative self talk
  10. Stay with your original game plan
  11. Focus on those lost opportunities
  12. Start late – finish early
  13. Begin to question your talent
  14. Stay in the office
  15. Think of ways to get outofthe business
  16. Let a tough market change your ethics
  17. Take your frustrations out on others
  18. Seek evidence to prove you are right about how difficult it is
  19. Tell your clients how tough it is out there
  20. Give up

“In difficult times the pros don’t drown, they build a raft.” – David Hibbard

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