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20 Ways to WIN in a Tough Market

19 Oct

20 Ways to WIN in a Tough Market

  1. Find your Vision/Magnet – then declare it
  2. Associate with positive people – avoid doom & gloom conversations
  3. Start prospecting again – realize it’s not just for rookies
  4. Understand that changing jobs may not be the answer – it rarely is
  5. Realize that the economy is simply a temporary obstacle – strategize around it
  6. Intensify your work ethic – get busy but stay close to your family
  7. Take 100% accountability – you control your destiny – stop being a victim
  8. Differentiate yourself – have you become like everyone else?
  9. Avoid negative people – they are dream stealers
  10. Start positive self talk – if you can think negative you can think positive
  11. Acknowledge your skills – you have the talent
  12. Realize the competition is after your loyal accounts – protect your Oil Wells
  13. Get in earlier – put in a few hours on Saturday
  14. Re-qualify those deals in your pipeline – are they really deals?
  15. Recognize your innate talent doesn’t go away in tough times – your mindset does
  16. Take it to the streets – like you did when you started as a rookie
  17. Commit to a Goal Setting meeting with yourself –  spend ‘off time’ strategizing
  18. Ask someone who is winning how they are doing it – get humble
  19. Get back to what got you to the top before – you did it once…you can do it again
  20. Never give up – the pros always find a way or they simply invent one

“In difficult times the pros don’t drown, they build a raft.” – David Hibbard

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