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15 Oct


Here’s the big thing about the competition; they give you a target!  That’s right – a target, someone to challenge your talent!  One of the things about top performers Dialexis has found is they see their competitive top players as motivators for their own super performance.  Top20+ performers don’t focus on their competitors from the standpoint of “concern”, they have enough confidence in themselves to believe they will always win.  Top performers love the competition, in fact they invite it!  They are inspired by the competitive field.  Simply knowing they won in a competitive match creates energy for the next round!   Ask any top player if they are worried about the competition and the answer is always the same….no.  The top player thinks…..“the competition has nothing to do with it, the game is within me.” Competition creates stimulus for the game and top players thrive on it!  If you are losing your opportunities to your competitors you might consider the following tips:

  • Sharpen your product knowledge
  • Sharpen your discovery…know why you won or why you lost – be clear about where you were beat – ask the client
  •  Sharpen your knowledge about the clients needs prior to presenting
  •  Sharpen your personal packaging – do you look professional, are your materials sharp, briefcase, pen, etc.
  •  Sharpen your presentation delivery skills
  •  Sharpen your strategy, consider bringing a Senior top player from your firm to the next gunfight
  •  Sharpen your self perception – ask a few top players and your manager about their perception of your talent/performance 

The bottom line is this….if you are getting beat by the competition more than you are winning there is really only one simple answer – they have become better than you.  It’s that simple.  You need to ignite your innate talent and you can do that!  Until you do so, consider taking a top-flight senior player with you on those tough calls.  Sure you might have to split the commission, but you will at least get half and at the same time you will grow. Think about it, when you lose you get nothing.

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