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Get Promoted!

15 Mar

Get Promoted!

You Got the Job, Now Keep It and Move Up!

  1. Know the expectations of your direct report
  2. Don’t do anything in the beginning you can’t continue to do
  3. Set a target…look around and decide where you want to go…remember you are there to commit to the company and also to get your dream!
  4. Always carry paper when you walk …..and walk fast
  5. Look professional every day
  6. Watch out for the negative person who will visit you and “help” you
  7. Don’t tell off color jokes or be around them
  8. Stay off your personal life…stay focused on the job
  9. Tell your direct report you want to move up ….declare and ask for their help and coaching
  10. Be on time every day!
  11. Produce quality work
  12. Complete projects ahead of schedule and in excellence
  13. Watch over-socializing, laughing loud, hanging out….you are there for one reason…to support the company and get your dream
  14. Don’t blame
  15. Be innovative
  16. Realize that your reputation matters …every day
  17. Act like you want it!
  18. Come in Super Early if you can a few times, lights on, coffee on, Greeting “good morning john….coffee is on!”
  19. If there are awards ….get one, if they measure top 20 get it
  20. Contribute in meetings ….don’t sit quiet and “pass”
  21. Be flexible…listen to others find the common ground
  22. If there is conflict, take it to the source and take 100% responsibility
  23. Ask how you are doing now and then….am I on target?
  24. Watch your social off hour behavior….being out with the team.

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