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Is a Selling Career Really Worth It?

25 Jan

Is a Selling Career Really Worth It?

Have you ever thought about selling as a career?  Has it tempted you?  Have you told your friends that you were thinking of going into selling only to hear, “why would you want to be in a career where you lie and cheat people”…or something like that?

Let me give you a perspective of what selling really is.   First of all, I don’t think of it as selling as much as I do as telling!  It’s simply a career where you meet people and tell them what you have to offer.  I know that’s a simplification, but in a way it’s true.  You represent something and your job is to announce it to others.  If you believe in the product or service you represent and you are knowledgeable to the extent that you are considered a trusted advisor, then it’s simply a matter of introducing your service or product to others.

My brother was the one that introduced me to a selling career.  I remember how frightened I was at the start, I didn’t know what to do…I certainly didn’t know how to sell anything!  I just made my route calls and showed what I had to show and the customers said yes or no.  Then I went down the street and did it all over again.  Any time someone said yes, It certainly wasn’t due to my expert selling skills….I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  Nevertheless, as time went on I improved due to a few good mentors.

I learned that selling is an honorable career, one to be proud of.  Today I am blessed to be in a selling career, I came from a humble background and without the career of selling I’m not sure where I would have ended up.  My life is extraordinary due to the career of selling.  I find it highly professional and respectable.

The thing I love about the career is the freedom, the opportunity to make lots of money, the chance to meet amazing people and since I love travel, the benefits of traveling the world.  How could anyone not want that!  Today my goal is to make the career of selling better than I found it by being ethical and doing my very best for those that hire me and my company.

Don’t listen to those who say selling is not a professional career, they may have experienced a salesperson that wasn’t ethical or for whatever reason didn’t act professional.  I can tell you that after 35 years of being in a selling career it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Here Are 7 Tips That May Help You Know If A Career In Selling Is For You:

  1. You Like People: You will clearly be involved with thousands of people over a selling career.  You will have opportunities to socialize in unlimited ways.  You will share time with others in meetings, over dinner, traveling, in a multitude of corporate settings, at social events, at sports events, at homes, at fundraising events, at promotional events, the list is endless.  It is a career that provides an unlimited platform for meeting new people.
  2. You Like To Serve: Being in a selling career requires giving, the best salespeople are those who truly care about the clients they serve.  The best salespeople are considered an advisor to their clients, a person of trust, someone reliable who thinks of providing professional representation consistently and ethically.
  3. You Like Money:  Selling offers the opportunity to make unlimited amounts of money…really.  If you want to make a million dollars a year OR MORE you can find the opportunity in selling. However, not everyone wants to pay the price or the risk it takes to make that million, so if selling seems to have appeal to you, but you would like something with less risk, then there are hundreds of selling avenues that are immensely rewarding with less risk.  You can choose a salary opportunity or a straight commission platform.  In sales, there is a spot for every type of individual.
  4. You Like Travel:  Many sales careers offer extensive travel.  Some individuals decide not to pursue a selling career with travel due to their need to be near home.  Others who may have more flexibility can easily find a selling career that offers substantial travel.  You may have to travel within the United States or even globally!  Do you ultimately envision yourself in Paris or Tokyo or London?…a selling career can take you there!  It’s all about selecting the vertical sales career that has the benefits you are seeking.
  5. You Like Independence: Many selling careers provide extreme freedom of movement.  Yes it’s true you have to report in, you have to be accountable for results, but it’s also true that you can find a selling career that allows you to work from your home!  Even selling careers that require you to be at the office each and every day can offer flexibility.  Of course you will have a person who is your sales manager and they will expect you to do what you are asked to do, however it’s also true that you can be completely independent!  Again, it’s a matter of what selling vertical you choose.
  6. You Like Reward And Recognition: Selling careers are almost always focused on a reward foundation.  All you have to do is perform well, hit the mark that your company expects you to hit and the rewards and recognition will flow.  It’s how the selling industry is structured.  You do well and benefits are frequently given. I have seen new BMW’s given away to the top salesperson, Hawaii family trips, even a six figure bonus!  Organizations love to reward salespeople generously when they perform well; it’s what makes the career tick.
  7. You Like Challenge:  Selling is challenging. You can find a sales career that is mildly challenging and one that is immensely challenging!  You may prefer to be in a sales role that provides a salary and a fixed territory or a retail sales career that allows the customers to come to you.  O n the other hand, If you love big challenge you can find a sales career that is based upon straight commission where you have to find your customer and only get paid when you do and you sell something to them.  Think of it this way, the greater the risk and challenge the greater the financial reward…you get to choose!

If you want a mentor that can coach you on your selling career, feel free to contact Dialexis at www.dialexis.com, www.soarselling.com or write to me at dave@dialexis.com maybe I can answer your questions that will help you get started.

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