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The Art Of Making Contact With Decision Makers And High Influencers

09 Nov

The Art Of Making Contact With Decision Makers And High Influencers


The Fortune 500 organizations are no longer satisfied hiring outside vendors unless they provide measureable results for all its training offerings. As a result, Dialexis has installed ROI and accountability with all training delivery.

IBM, Cisco, NetApp, Oracle, AT&T, Steelcase, Armstrong, Xerox and many other Fortune 500 companies use the SOAR New Business Contact strategy for one compelling reason…. it works. SOAR, is an acronym for (Surge Of Accelerating Revenue) and it does just that! The following represents the 7 differentiators SOAR provides in the art of making contact:

  1. CONTACT: SOAR provides a quantifiable contact rate with Decision Makers and High Influencers of up to 90% on every net dial to a new prospect. Other vendors focus on what to do once the sales professional gets in….SOAR Is all about how to get in.
  2. ROI: The program is measurable and demonstrates a 200% – 2000% ROI 12 weeks from program completion. Few if any training organizations can make this claim or prove the claim if they make it. Simply stated, whatever investment a client makes with SOAR, they can assume with surety they will receive from 200% – 2000% ROI in 12 weeks! This has been validated in multiple programs with consistent results. (Specific results available upon request)
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY: With SOAR, managers and salespeople are held accountable for results during the 12 week measurement period. Dialexis interfaces with the leaders/player coaches involved in the program consistently over a 12week period. Essentially, Dialexis stays connected to ensure the program consistently demonstrates revenue surge and ROI.
  4. TACTICS + MINDSET: Most trainings are simply tactics. Dialexis understands that tactics are essential, but also realizes the importance of mindset. As a result, Dialexis has installed a mindset component in all its training programs. It’s not simply how to do something that makes the difference, but why!
  5. PROOF OF CONCEPT: Dialexis instructs then demonstrates how to reach decision makers with live calling during the class. Depending on the time allotted, attendees dials live in front of the class with instructor coaching. With Dialexis, once the instructor leaves, it is assured that the system of contact works and attendees can execute that which was trained.
  6. TRAIN-THE-TRAINER: For the Fortune 500 or organizations with large sales teams Dialexis has developed a train-the-trainer deliverable. Any corporate nominated individual wishing to be certified with SOAR can do so. This subsequently reduces the overall financial investment for the client and speeds up the delivery of the information to the field.
  7. INSTRUCTORS: All Dialexis instructors are Certified and have been stringently reviewed for knowledge and delivery competency.

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