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Are You Ready for a Coach?

18 Oct

Are You Ready for a Coach?

Understand What a Coach Can and Can’t Do

A coach cannot make you succeed.  A coach cannot make you do what you need to do to become successful.  A coach cannot force you to learn, to work, to hit the streets, to invest the time and energy, gain self-discipline, or to perfect and hone your skills.  A coach cannot give you a magic formula for success.  And, a coach cannot change you.  Only you can change yourself.

A coach can give you direction; a coach can help you get organized; a coach can motivate; a coach can mentor; a coach can analyze without the haze of being too close to the situation; a coach can give encouragement and discipline; a coach can give new, fresh, innovative ideas; and a coach can provide the personal attention that you may not get from a sales manager or training department.  The right coach can make a difference.

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