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What Do You Think the 8 Keys Are to Outstanding Sales Results?

17 Oct

What Do You Think the 8 Keys Are to Outstanding Sales Results?

If you asked 100 salespeople what they think the answer is, they would certainly have different answers, ours are based upon research and after decades of selling and training top performers we are in alignment with what the research reveals. It’s not to say what you would list isn’t right, we just know that as highly experienced trainers and high income producers ourselves, these 9 discoveries are the one’s that we resonate with and the one’s that top performers tell us they resonate with:

1. Mindset (There’s lots here; Tiger doesn’t win simply because of his mechanics, it’s the way he is wired and that wiring = mindset.)

2. Mechanics (We’re talking about all aspects associated with being competent as a sales professional.  Over the years we have come to know that becoming an expert allows a salesperson to be thought of as a consultant/advisor….and isn’t that what a client deserves? Being competent enough to be considered a trusted advisor rather than a person who is simply selling something.)

3. Differentiation (The Big Money earners we know differentiate, the low performers just work hard doing the same thing over and over)

4. Rainmaker (Top performers consistently prospect and continue to do so despite their success. Their ability to drive net new business is a hallmark of their success.) 

5. Value Statement (Knowing what to say and how to say it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to securing appointments on a first call….unfortunately, most salespeople we experience when instructing Soar Selling haven’t learned this skill.)

6. Vision (Declaring a clear vision that supports business and personal becomes a career turbo booster, once again most salespeople don’t have a clear vision.)

7. Coach (The best coach is one that has a high success history in mechanics and if you are lucky…can coach from a transformational foundation.)

8.  Work Ethic/Commitment (You have to put in the time and do the work.  Even the top reps pay the price, lazy doesn’t get it done.)

9. Risk (Nothing BIG really happens until you take a risk, ask any top player and they will tell you about the risks they have taken to get where they are.) 

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