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18 Oct


If someone asked you “what do you want “…what would you say?  During all of the trainings Dialexis has completed in North America and Europe, we have discovered an interesting consistency.  Most people we interface with have yet to determine what it is they want or what they are really working for.  Sure they have ideas about what they may want from a surface perspective, but few seem to be able to state with clarity exactly what they intend to create for their future.  Without a clear vision of where you are going you will simply meander along.  You certainly won’t reach the top20%+.  It’s clear that you won’t ignite your true fire to win if you don’t have a clear vision or as I like to call it….a Magnet…something that pulls you.  We find that individuals are simply going through the motions of work, then home, work, then home, and the beat continues.  Then one day you suddenly are awakened by the fact that you have been aimlessly working and have little to show for it.  So, if this seems to resonate with you, here are a few ideas that can improve your results and help you get to the Top20+.

  • Mark your calendar and get away this weekend to just think.  We call it ‘going to the beach’; the beach is simply a metaphor for going to a place to think. 
  • Go to a place that is private, (your personal beach) where you can focus on what it is you want, and why it’s important to you.
  • Go alone; unless you are in a committed relationship then you may want to ask your partner to do the same to see if you have a “matched vision.”  (Don’t go together, agree to meet later to share your discovery)
  • A good starting question might be….”what inspires me?”, or “what do I want to do/achieve that matters” etc…
  • It may take several trips to your “beach” to determine what it is that can make working and achieving worth the effort, but you will at least have started the process.
  • Once you find your Magnet, focus on when you want it, how you plan to get it and why it is important to you.

The bottom line is this…. in order to perform at your best you need a Magnet!  Just going after a big screen TV may not be enough to start the emotional revolution you need.  When you get serious about what you are fighting for your internal fire will be ignited and nothing will stop you.  Your energy will soar, your negativity will stop and your drive will be supercharged.  Getting to the Top20 may be closer than you think – answers will come….go think….find your Magnet.

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