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Successfully hitting the mark during a keynote is a constant. Keynote speakers, David and Marhnelle Hibbard, deliver with passion, conviction, and energy, creating a memorable event for all participants. David and Marhnelle recognize that an entertaining delivery without substance is not worthy of a high-performance result. David and Marhnelle have the reputation of being the best when it comes to delivering high content along with strong take-away value. Their keynote speeches will not only inspire attendees to achieve greater results, but also provide key strategies for tactical performance. Many presentations are headlined as “motivational;” David and Marhnelle's offer more. Their keynote topics are described below.

Converting Mission Statements to Visions and Visions to Crusades by David Hibbard Converting Mission Statements to Visions and Visions to Crusades by David Hibbard Play
A Top 20+ Life by David and Marhnelle Hibbard A Top 20+ Life by David and Marhnelle Hibbard Play
4 Steps that Define Exceptional Leadership by David Hibbard 4 Steps that Define Exceptional Leadership by David Hibbard Play

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Keynote Topics

Raise the Bar

4 Foundations of Achievement

David Hibbard has seen what happens when you merely take what life hands you … and what happens when you purposefully create the future you want. David grew up on the south side of Chicago, in a bar his mother ran. While he was told to “work hard” and “be honest,” the thought of anything more was never discussed. As a result, David grew up accepting whatever life handed him, without a vision or belief that he could be more … do more. Years later, when he decided to “raise the bar” on his limiting beliefs, he discovered there are four foundations of achievement that enable people to shift their mindset, accelerate their success, and experience the thrill of living life to its fullest. In this compelling keynote, David outlines those four essential foundations and the principles for unleashing them. Whether you’re seeking to improve your professional or personal life, David will show you how to think grander and dream bigger than you ever have before. Armed with David’s insights, you’ll finally discover the path to living an exceptional life.

Get Clear

Make It Happen

Have you ever thought about a possibility and said, “Well, I’d like to do that if I could, but I just can’t right now”? Well guess what? You can do it … right now! Marhnelle Hibbard will show you how. In this eye-opening keynote, Marhnelle reveals the power behind setting clear intentions and how doing so can change your business and life. Filled with real-life examples and practical steps for success, Get Clear – Make it Happen shows that if you dare to dream it, say it, and believe it … you can have it. Marhnelle has used the strategies she shares in this keynote to move many seemingly insurmountable mountains in her own life and to become a successful business owner, a compelling speaker, and an author of two books. If you’re tired of circumstances dictating your life and have been seeking a path to your vision, it’s time GET CLEAR – MAKE IT HAPPEN!  Discover how everything you want is only a simple declaration away.

Converting mission statements to visions and visions to crusades

Just because your company or department has a mission statement doesn’t mean employees embrace it, are motivated by it, or even know what it is! In fact, if you’re ready for your team to achieve new heights of success, it’s time to place less emphasis on your mission statement and instead create a crusade! David Hibbard will show you how. Drawing on his 20 years of corporate research, David knows that mission statements don’t motivate people, and that employees are emotionally connected to the organization’s mission statement only when that mission statement provides a direct pathway to a personal win for the employees. In this dynamic explosive keynote presentation, David will reveal the steps for shifting your organization’s mission statement / vision to not only the minds of your people, but also to their hearts and desires. When you reach that level of connection and consistently foster it long-term, you’ll create a crusade that propels your organization or department to an unprecedented level.

Harness your attitude to enhance your aptitude

Are you playing the biggest game of your life? Are you of a mindset that your aptitude dictates your success? Have you ever heard someone say “I can’t do that because I’m not tall enough or I’m not smart enough or not athletic enough”? Meet Tyrone Bogues 5’3” NBA player or All Star NBA player Calvin Murphy 5’9” or Shaquille O’Neal one of the heaviest players in basketball history at 325 lbs. Was it their aptitude or attitude or both? If you’re primarily focused on your aptitude in a particular area, the answer is you might be leaving something special on the table. If you focus on your attitude and are striving to enhance it daily, then your aptitude will naturally follow and you’ll achieve breakthrough results. In this life-changing keynote, Marhnelle Hibbard will reveal the real role both aptitude and attitude play in your success, and will share proven strategies for improving both. You’ll discover how easy it is to reinvent yourself moment to moment, and you’ll gain specifics about how to relook, reframe, and re-contextualize your view on what you do and how you do it so you reclaim the freedom to create the life you want. If you’re ready to play a bigger game, it’s time to check your attitude and embrace your aptitude. Only then can you harness the incredible power that will make you unstoppable.

Demand Generation

Why Leaders Expect It And Salespeople Reject It

Whatever you call it—demand generation, prospecting, business development, netting new business, or acquiring new logos—leaders expect their salespeople to drive revenue. Unfortunately, many salespeople reject demand generation, causing a “silent war” in many organizations. David Hibbard has seen the battle play out in countless organizations, and he has the secret weapon to turbo-boost interest in demand generation. In this exhilarating keynote, David will reveal the three key shifts leaders can provide to unlock resistance to demand generation and ultimately boost revenue. By applying David’s demand generation success formula for those salespeople already employed, in addition to shifting your current hiring methodologies or tactics, you’ll align the leaders’ goals with the salespeople’s effort so everyone is working toward the same goals. The result is victory for all.

Supercharge your results

The Keys to Creating a Top 20% Performance Mindset

We’ve all heard of the Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 rule. But why does the 80/20 rule exist? And an even more important question: Can those who perform at the 80% level reach the ranks of the top 20%? David Hibbard says it’s possible, and he reveals the path to get there in this dynamic keynote. Drawing on 15 years worth of experiential research in the marketplace, as well as research derived from actual diagnostic and from teaching in the field, David has discovered why people get stuck in the 80%, why they aren’t winning in their career, and most important, what it takes to shift from their current state to the top 20%. David goes beyond the “try harder” mantra and reveals researched-based evidence that leaders, executives, sales, and business professionals can use to accelerate their career and reach the top levels of success. Armed with David’s insights and tools, anyone can choose to be a top 20% performer.

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