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Welcome to the SOAR Selling ROI Calculator.

By inputting your info below you will see how SOAR Selling will drive net new business and increase revenue!
SOAR provides a contact rate with decision makers and high influencers of up to 90% on every net dial to a new prospect!

Jeffery Wangler

Jeffery Wangler


“Our company has grown significantly since we started training everyone with SOAR. When we first met we were about a $40 Million dollar company - today we are nearing a quarter of a Billion dollars in revenue and growing in the worst economy ever.”

How SOAR Selling Will Increase Revenue and Customers
DescriptionClient FormatYour %SOAR %SOAR
How many dials per week do you make?
Change value
What percent do you make contact with?20
%Change value
90%SOAR Contact Rate
What percent appointments do you make?10
%Change value
What is your close percent?10
%Change value
What is the average price of a sale?
$Change value
$10 000
Number of sales people in your organization*
Change value
Total Revenue$2 000 000$9 000 000
12 Week Tracking$24 000 000$108 000 000
SOAR GROSS GAIN**$84 000 000 (350 %) = 8400 new customers


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